Trinity Create’s Winning Formula: How HMM Ltd Secured the Contract

At Trinity Create, we believe in making tender writing straightforward and effective. In this story, we’ll share how we helped HMM Ltd, a trusted name in heating and plumbing, secure a big contract. This tale isn’t about fancy words or complex strategies—it’s about understanding what makes a company great and telling that story in a way that wins hearts (and contracts). 
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Meet HMM Ltd 

HMM Ltd, based in Stoke on Trent, knows heating and plumbing like no other. With over 30 years in the business, they’ve earned a reputation for excellence and reliability. They’re the team you call when you need quality work, whether it’s fixing a leak or managing a major project. As a family-run business, they take pride in their work and treat every job like it’s their own. 

The Challenge 

Despite their stellar track record, competition was fierce, and clients wanted more than just good work—they wanted assurances on health, safety, quality, and social responsibility. HMM had all these in spades, but they needed help telling their story in a way that resonated with clients. 

How Trinity Create Helped 

We didn’t complicate things. We sat down with HMM and had a chat. We wanted to know what made them tick, what made them special. HMM didn’t just do great work – they cared about their people, their community, and the environment. They ticked all the boxes required in the tender application. 

Putting It All Together 

With our sleeves rolled up, we got to work. We didn’t need fancy words or flashy presentations. We just told HMM’s story the way it deserved to be told. Simple, honest, and powerful. We showed off their past successes, their happy clients, and their commitment to doing things right. And you know what? It worked. 

The Results 

Thanks to our collaboration, HMM Ltd snagged that big contract. They didn’t just win on price or reputation, they won because they were the right choice. The client saw the value in what they offered—not just quality workmanship, but a company that cared about the people who work with them. 


Winning tenders is about understanding what makes a company great and shouting it from the rooftops. At Trinity Create, we keep it simple. We listen, we understand, and we tell stories that win hearts. Just ask HMM Ltd—they’ll tell you it works. 

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