Stunning Bathroom Design with Trinity Create’s Specialist CGI Services

At Trinity Create, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional CGI services, bringing products and visions to life with stunning visual renders and lifestyle images. Our expertise in creating immersive and realistic CGI experiences was put to the test with a challenging project from a leading bathroom company, whose identity we must keep confidential.


Client Overview

Our client, a prominent player in the bathroom supplier industry, approached Trinity Create to enhance their product presentation through high-quality CGI services. The client consistently sends us an array of products and mood boards, accompanied by CAD files that serve as the foundation for creating realistic imagery to be used on their website and in print brochures.

The Challenge, an Unexpected Discontinuation of Cabinet Doors

One project threw us a curveball when the bathroom company’s supplier abruptly discontinued the cabinet doors originally chosen for a product line. Faced with this unexpected hurdle, the client urgently provided an alternative door for our CGI rendering.

The challenge was not only to swiftly adapt to the change but also to meticulously measure the new door and recreate it digitally with accurate details, including intricate grooves and a specific wood grain.


Our Approach, with Precision and Adaptability

Rapid Response

In response to the sudden change, our team at Trinity Create immediately organised resources to accommodate the last-minute alteration. We understood the critical nature of the situation and were committed to delivering quality results within the client’s tight timeframe.

Detailed Measurement Process

Our skilled CGI artists undertook a meticulous measurement process for the alternative door. Paying close attention to the grooves and wood grain pattern, we ensured that every detail was accurately captured. This step was crucial in maintaining the overall authenticity of the CGI renders.

Emulating Wood Grain

Emulating the specific wood grain of the alternative door was a key aspect of the project. Trinity Create’s expertise in photography and lighting allowed us to recreate the wood grain with precision, ensuring that the CGI seamlessly matched the real-life product.

The Results? Realism Beyond Expectations


Despite the unexpected changes and tight timelines, Trinity Create successfully delivered CGI renders that surpassed the client’s expectations. The final visuals showcased the alternative cabinet doors with an unmatched level of realism, accurately reflecting the grooves and wood grain. Our ability to adapt swiftly to changes and maintain precision in measurements contributed to the project’s overall success.


Client Feedback


The company’s point of contact expressed gratitude for our professionalism, adaptability, and the exceptional quality of our CGI services. Trinity Create’s ability to turn challenges into opportunities solidified our partnership, establishing us as a trusted CGI partner for future projects.


At Trinity Create, we understand the importance of delivering not just images but experiences. Our commitment to excellence and adaptability ensures that our clients receive CGI services that lift their products and attract their audience.


Contact us today to explore how Trinity Create can bring your vision to life through our Specialist CGI Services.


*Please note that images are examples only and are not associated with this project or client.

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