Google Ads’ new campaign type is here – Demand Generation!

demand generation google ads campaign type

 Google Ads Discovery campaign type has recently had a big upgrade to Demand Gen (Demand Generation)! 


Through Demand Gen, you can seamlessly incorporate your top-performing video and image content into Google’s most visually engaging and entertainment-oriented channels, including YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover, and Gmail.  

A unique feature of the Demand Gen campaign type is that it allows you to find more potential customers by utilising “Lookalike segments”. By sharing your first-party data, Google can leverage audience intent and interest signals to identify potential customers who share similarities with those who have previously interacted with your brand. 

For those of you new to Google Ads, First Party data is data gathered from your clientele, subscribers, and website visitors during their interactions with your website or marketing efforts, as well as when they complete a transaction or conversion. Read more about Google Ads here. 


There are multiple advantages to initiating a Demand Gen campaign: 

  • Targeted Audience: Demand Gen campaigns focus on reaching audiences actively searching for products or services, making it highly targeted and increasing the chances of conversions.
  • Cost Efficiency: These campaigns are designed to generate leads or sales efficiently, resulting in a better return on investment (ROI).
  • Increased Conversions: By targeting users who have an immediate need, you’re more likely to achieve higher conversion rates.
  • Better Lead Quality: Demand Gen campaigns can attract high-quality leads because they target users looking for specific solutions.
  • Scalability: As your business grows, you can scale up Demand Gen efforts to capture more demand and expand your customer base.
  • Data-driven: These campaigns are highly data-driven, allowing for continuous optimization and fine-tuning to improve performance.
  • Competitive Advantage: Leveraging Demand Gen can give you an edge in competitive markets by efficiently reaching potential customers.
  • Improved Ad Positioning: Ads from Demand Gen campaigns often receive prominent placements in search results, enhancing visibility.
  • Quick Results: Demand Gen campaigns are designed to produce faster results than some other advertising approaches.
  • Aligns with Search Intent: These campaigns align with users’ search intent, making them more likely to fulfil users’ immediate needs.

Through August-September, this new campaign type has been in beta and was only accessible via a sign-up process. However, this is now being rolled out to a wider set of Google Ads advertisers and the old Discovery campaigns will continue to be upgraded from October all the way through to January, with final upgrades finishing in March 2024. 

At Trinity Create, we are excited to implement Demand Gen into our current clients’ strategy and look forward to seeing the benefits. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you drive conversions through Google Ads. 

Call David, our friendly Business Development Manager on 07969 180 942 or email us at [email protected].

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