Putting the “Customer” back into CRMs

a guide to winning and keeping customers for mortgage brokers

Customer Relationship Management

CRM is the buzzword in the mortgage market for brokers. With lots of innovation taking place in the broker world with systems designed to make your job smoother, easier and more connected, we have to ask the question… is your customer at the center of this journey?

Lots of mortgage brokers have a mandated “CRM” system to gather client information, source the right mortgage, and produce and store your compliance documents. And this innovation, whilst important and time saving, doesn’t always give you the flexibility you might want in how you win, keep, and communicate with your customers.

A lot of the CRM’s available are built for the masses so understandably, can’t be modified to fit the style, taste, or whim of every brokerage out there. After all, there are over 5,000 registered mortgage advice companies in the UK today.

But a good CRM, one that compliments your current mortgage system, should capture new leads and nurture them, whilst also providing them with the required compliance documentation right at the start of the journey. This can be life changing for your business.
Imagine a customer visiting your site, being able to connect 24 hours a day, and in response being issued with the appropriate terms of business and permissions, leaving you a warm, compliant lead to call when you get to work in the morning, in a pre-booked appointment at a time that suits them and you.
Furthermore, if that lead isn’t ready to speak, then let the system do its magic by nurturing and keeping them warm until they’re ready to engage.

This all might sound great, and it is, but what about when you’ve done the mortgage? Have you done the protection? Were you too busy to follow up? Or do you just need some material to support your conversation to ensure the customer receives all the advice they need? What if you refer your protection to a third party? Is it the same for Wills, Pensions, Conveyancing?

And even then… How do you track it? How do you know where the referrals are up to?

And what about product renewals, remortgage contacts, protection reviews? How do you make sure you never miss another client?

The answer to all this… is Branded Automation.

Having a system take care of the tasks that generate revenue while you sleep, keep your customers up to date AND keep you compliant is life changing.

We know this because we’ve partnered with Award Winning* Director of My Simple Mortgage James Adams to bring you a CRM system like no other.

It compliments your required mortgage, Fact Find, and sourcing systems, but lets you enhance your customer journey and brand.

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All in your brand
All in your control.
Speak to the team today to see how we can revolutionise your customer’s mortgage journey.
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