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In this case study, we will explore the journey of Trinity Create’s client, Surecomms, as they underwent a comprehensive rebranding and relaunch to become Kynex. The project encompassed a new branding strategy, the development of a dynamic website, the implementation of a social media strategy, and plans to build a robust CRM system using Zoho.


Surecomms, a telecommunications company, needed to rebrand and wanted to use the opportunity to better reflect its vision and values. Trinity Create were excited about the challenge to spearhead the rebranding process and develop an integrated digital strategy.

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Project Phases_

Phase 1: Rebranding and Brand Identity Development

Trinity Create initiated an in-depth discovery process to understand Surecomms’ business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape. Through collaborative workshops and market research, a new brand identity, “Kynex,” was crafted. The new brand focused on modernity, innovation, and exceptional customer service.

Phase 2: Website Development

Trinity Create designed and developed a dynamic website aligned with the new brand identity. The website showcased Kynex’s services, highlighting its commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction. The user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and visually appealing design ensured a seamless user experience.

Phase 3: Social Media Strategy

To amplify Kynex’s brand presence and engage with the target audience, Trinity Create developed a comprehensive social media strategy. They established Kynex’s presence on key platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. A content calendar was created, focusing on industry insights, product updates, customer success stories, and interactive posts to foster community engagement.

Phase 4: CRM System Implementation using Zoho

Understanding the importance of effective customer relationship management, Trinity Create recommended the implementation of Zoho CRM for Kynex. The CRM system would streamline customer interactions, automate processes, and provide data-driven insights to enhance customer satisfaction. Trinity Create developed a roadmap for CRM implementation, customised to Kynex’s specific requirements and future scalability.

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Kynex branded letterhead and business cards


The rebranding and relaunch of Surecomms as Kynex, coupled with the new branding website, social media strategy, and Zoho CRM system implementation, is hoped to yield significant results over the coming month including:

Increased Brand Recognition: The rebranding efforts will help Kynex differentiate itself in a competitive market, gaining increased visibility and brand recognition.

Enhanced Customer Experience: The new website, designed with a focus on user experience, is set to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. The intuitive interface and clear messaging resonated with users, leading to longer website visits and reduced bounce rates.

Improved Online Presence: The strategic social media presence established Kynex as an authoritative voice in the telecommunications industry. The engaging content and interactive posts will help foster a sense of community, driving organic reach and attracting new customers.

Streamlined Operations: The implementation of Zoho CRM will enable Kynex to automate processes, enhance customer support, and gain valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences. This will streamline their operations and improved overall efficiency.

“Working with Trinity Create on this rebranding project and website launch has been an effortless experience.”

“Their expertise and dedication to understanding our business goals and target audience were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition quickly. Trinity Create’s recommendation to implement Zoho CRM will undoubtedly streamline our operations and elevate our customer interactions to new heights.”


The rebranding and relaunch of Surecomms as Kynex, accompanied by the new branding website, social media strategy, and Zoho CRM system implementation, has positioned Kynex as a modern, customer-centric telecommunications company. The efforts will lead to an enhanced online presence but will also significantly improve customer satisfaction, leading to increased brand loyalty and growth in their customer base. Trinity Create’s comprehensive approach and collaboration with Kynex have helped transform the brand into a modern successful digital business.

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