12 Months For The Price Of 10 On Web Hosting

Web Hosting Bills Bills Bills

Are you just sick of the monthlies?

Well go on then, we’ll give you a break, have two month’s web hosting for FREE, when you take out a 12-month contract with Trinity Create.

Yes, we create amazing websites and yes, we reliably host them too. When you choose Trinity Create to host your website, you can depend on our secure UK-based servers, which are fully managed and maintained. Offering tip top security, high speed functionality, regular backups and round the clock monitoring.

So, what are you getting for your money when you choose to host your website with Trinity Create?

Disk Space – Think Speed and Storage
Your website needs a place on the internet and sits on a server, so that everyone else on the web can connect to it. Think of it as a physical space. If you had 200 office-based employees, you wouldn’t hire an office for 20, would you? You’d need room for their desks, equipment and all the resources they’ll need to do their job effectively. At Trinity Create, we ensure that we provide the disk space your website needs to work effectively, whether that’s on a shared, or dedicated UK-based server. Our page speeds are quick, as we use SSD solid-state drives which are faster than traditional hard drives and we limited the amount of websites hosted on a server, which consequently lowers the competition for resources. Alongside user experience, quick page speed also positively affects SEO search engine optimisation.

Uptime – Keeping constantly visible
When you choose hosting services, always look at the Uptime offered. When you’ve invested in a great website, the last thing you ever want to see is that it’s not working. “Oh no, the server is down”, is something you never want to hear. At Trinity Create, we guarantee an uptime of 99.9%, and use backup servers to ensure that we have your website back up and running in no time.

Security – Belt and Braces
As a web host, we provide extra security measures to protect your website from unwanted attention. If you’re collecting personal or financial data, we can provide SSL certificates to cover encryption as part of our package. Our servers run automated malware scans to remove malware and identify any threats. Trinity’s host servers also benefit from Firewall management to protect against the most common attacks. Backups are created frequently and automatically, speak to Trinity about your specific backup needs.

Bandwidth – Capacity and speed
Bandwidth affects the speed your website runs at. If you have a website that attracts high numbers of traffic within a limited timeframe, that will affect the speed of loading and operation of your website. If you regularly do timed sales, such as ticket releases or time-critical sales offers, bandwidth is even more important. Talk to Trinity Create about the optimum load time to suit the anticipated behaviour of your users and facilitate your specific website features needs.

Support – Hello, I’m a real person, can I help?
Our excellent tech team are available 24/7 for support in an emergency, or if you face issues you just can’t solve. As well as PHP, HTML, jQuery, and CSS… we also speak your language and are available to talk about future developments and adaptations to keep up with this fast-paced specialism.

It’d like to move hosting providers, but…
It seems scary doesn’t it? But don’t worry, it’s a simple matter of downloading backup files, making the transfer, checking that databases are working and finally redirecting the Domain Name System known as DNS. We can take care of all that for you and we’ll ensure that there’s no disruption, interruption or downtime for your users. Having more space, better speed, heightened security – and 2 FREE month’s hosting – will make it more than worth the move.

Make the move today, or any day!

If you’re thinking, “I like the sound of Trinity’s web hosting”, and “I want to take up their offer of TWO FREE MONTHS web hosting”, then get in touch before the end of March, and we’ll get together to discuss the plan. “Oh damn it, my hosting contract doesn’t expire until after then!” No worries, just respond to us before the end of March with your contract expiry date and we’ll make sure to be in touch nearer the time – you brew the coffee, and we’ll put the offer on ice until then!

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