Trinity Create Turns Plans into Impact, Filling Nuffield Health’s Event Seats

In October and November 2023, Nuffield Health North Staffs teamed up with Trinity Create to organise and promote two impactful events – the Women’s Health Event on 19th October and the Men’s Health Event on 23rd November. Our collaboration aimed to not only raise awareness but also engage the local community in important health discussions.

Event Details

Women’s Health Event – 19th October, 2023

Nuffield Health Stoke Fitness & Wellbeing Gym’s café hosted a Women’s Health talk featuring expert consultants discussing gynaecology, menopause, and breast care. The event offered free slots for attendees, including a Q&A session and a chance for brief advisory conversations with Nuffield’s consultants.

Men’s Health Event – 23rd November, 2023

On 23rd November, the free Men’s Health Event took place at Nuffield Health Stoke Gym’s café. Specialist consultants in Urology, Colorectal, and Diabetes shared insights and answered questions on various men’s health topics.

Trinity Create’s Strategic Plan

To ensure the success of these events, Trinity Create implemented a multi-faceted strategy, including –

PR Coverage

Trinity created thought leadership features to spotlight Nuffield Health’s expertise in Men and Women’s health. Local media outlets were strategically chosen for coverage, amplifying the impact of the events.

Social Media Campaigns

Trinity orchestrated a dual-pronged approach on Facebook and Instagram, using a mix of organic posts and targeted paid ads. The campaigns yielded outstanding results, with a total of 323 clicks, 11,027 reach, and 26,374 impressions across both events.

Email Automation

Trinity designed a visually appealing email automation sequence aligned with Nuffield Health’s brand. Attendees received a series of emails, including a welcome email, event reminders, and a feedback request post-event. This personalised approach enhanced the overall attendee experience.

Client Feedback

Nuffield Health North Staffs expressed satisfaction with Trinity Create’s services. The quick response to requests and amendments, along with effective coverage showcasing Nuffield Health’s expertise, significantly contributed to the success of the events. The positive response received, especially considering these were the first events hosted since the onset of the pandemic, exceeded expectations.

Trinity Create’s Commitment

Trinity Create takes pride in its ability to strategically plan and execute impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. Our services go beyond conventional marketing, our strategies leave a lasting impression.

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